We have been transforming Long Island's East End into a gallery of unique Architectural Design for more than 30 years. Led by principal Brian Mannix, our team of elite craftsmen specializes in building high-end residences that shy away from the traditional shingle-style cottage typically found on the shores of the Hamptons.

Instead, we embrace the clean lines of a contemporary escape, the unconventional motif of a modern house. At Mannix Custom Builders Corp., we like the challenge of building something unique and new, proving there is any vision we can bring to life.

Honesty is held as a high priority in our business. That's why we make it our guiding force through each phase of the project. We're open, easy to work with, and most importantly, accessible. It's our job to listen to and translate needs into a home that's built to withstand every season of life without compromising its personalized presence.

Our capability to customize each home we build presents a world of opportunity for satisfied homeownership. We strive to bring pride of ownership to the forefront of every striking facade and each flowing square foot. With a background in Architecture, Brian brings valuable design sense to every partnership, understanding interior finishes and clients' visions, and creating a catalyst for invincible ingenuity.